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HDFC Bank Quickremit has pioneered the online transfer of money to India. After that, through a decade we have served over a million users and have created simple, convenient, secure and regulatory compliant service for sending money to India.

With an expansive roster of convenient and secure money transfer solutions, HDFC Bank ensures that transferring money to India is hassle-free.

We constantly endeavor to listen to our users and based on their feedback try to improve our services and launch products to help them. That's why our money transfer service is so easy to use. For you, it's as easy as clicking and leaving the rest to us.

Here's exactly how our process works

Free and simplified Registration - You can register with us practically under a minute. Just give us basic information such as your name and contact details and you are ready to send money. Also we will need your information to know you better, which will be safe and secure with us.

Instant Add Beneficiary – This feature allows to add beneficiary instantly for sending funds to their account in India. You can send funds to NRE, NRO, Loan, Savings accounts with HDFC Bank or any other bank in India.

Sending the money

We have many ways in which you can send money to India. You just have to choose the one that you prefer. Depending on the country in which you reside, you can choose from ACH Transfer, Direct Debit Transfer, Wire Transfer, Online / Net banking Transfer, Pay Anyone etc.

After that, give us the beneficiary / receiver's details and choose how the recipient will get the money.

Now just transfer the money. And you are done.

Receiving the money

You don't have to do anything at all. And neither does your recipient.

If you choose Direct Credit as your receiving option, we send money directly into the account number you provided.

Alternatively, if you choose demand draft as your receiving option, it will be delivered at your beneficiary's doorstep in Indian Rupees.

Tracking your remittance

Worried about the status of your remittance?

Our Status Tracker enables you to track the status of your remittance at every step.

  • To use the Status Tracker, log on to your QuickRemit account.
  • Details such as remittance reference number, transaction booking date, amount, beneficiary's name, status information, mode of payment etc will be displayed.
  • All you need to do is simply click on your remittance number flashing on the page to ascertain the status of your remittance.
  • If your transaction status reads "Funds in Clearing" then it means that we haven't received the credit. As soon as we receive the money, the notification changes, without delaying payment to the recipient in India.
  • Additionally, you will also receive email updates about your transaction status.

Customer service

QuickRemit offers you an incredible experience transferring funds online.

Our customer service department has some of the best professionals holding years of experience in managing and servicing customer needs from time to time - one of the USP's of QuickRemit.

With an aim to assist you for all your transaction needs, our enthusiastic team of customer service representatives are available round the clock on a U.S Toll free helpline 1-877-5584257 from Monday-Friday. You could also write to us at quickremit@timesofmoney.com.

How to Transfer Money to India

Follow these step-by-step instructions to use Online Banking Transfers.

You must first register with HDFC Bank Quickremit. If you are already a registered user of Quickremit


  • Login with your Quickremit User ID and Password.
  • Click on Send Money or Quickremit Now
  • Select an existing receiver (beneficiary) from your list or add a new beneficiary
  • Select an existing Bank Account from your list or add a new Bank Account from where you will initiate online fund transfer.
  • Select the appropriate amount in applicable currency for indicative exchange rate or fixed exchange rate.
  • On submitting these details, the applicable exchange rate for your transfer and the amount in local currency that you need to transfer from your local bank account will be displayed
  • Preview and confirm, if all details are correct
  • Once confirmed and submitted, you will be provided with a unique 10 digit Remitter Tracking Reference Number (RTRN)
  • Please follow the below applicable instructions for completing your transaction
  1. Log on to the Internet banking application of your bank
  2. Go to the module that enables you to pay/transfer funds to a third party account - a third party account would be an account that is not your own account and is held with some other bank in Country.
  3. In the module, do the following: 
    1. Select your account from which you want to make the payment/ fund transfer.
    2. Enter the receiving account details as follows:
    3. For remitters in Singapore (for transfer in SGD):

      1. Login to the net banking of your local Singapore Bank
      2. Add our correspondent bank account details as beneficiary
      3. Transfer the exact amount as booked on Quickremit website and mention 10 digit RTRN number & Amount of transaction in the reference/message field.

      For remitters in Australia (for transfer in AUD):

      For Credit To HDFC Bank
      Correspondent Bank Westpac Banking Corporation
      BSB Code 035812
      Account Number Unique 9 digit account number will be displayed against each transaction.

      For remitters in Canada(for transfer in CAD):

      Sending option – Direct Debit Tranfer (Pre- Authorized Debit)

      Before any Direct Debit transfer is processed, a mandatory one-time verification of the remitter’s local bank account is conducted. This ensures that the bank account exists & that the same person who is using our service to transfer money is also holder of the bank account.

      The Direct Debit Sending Account Verification Process is as follows:

      1. The customer enters his bank account details on the site that includes his bank name, account number, account holder name, Canada Bank’s Code & Transit code and account type (Savings/Checking).
      2. A nominal test transaction is initiated (one debit and one credit of equal sub dollar values) into the customer’s bank account through the correspondent bank.
      3. The customer is informed about this transaction via e-mail and is requested to log on to his net-banking account, check the debit/credit amount then log on to the site and post this amount therein.
      4. If the amount posted by the customer on the website is correct, the customer’s account is made active for use (direct debit) and the customer can send money online.
    4. Enter the Tracking Number in the field provided for "Message to recipient" or "Purpose of payment" or "Payment Reference".
      Please note that unless we receive the complete Tracking Number with your funds, we will not be able to process your transaction. So check with your bank (or on your bank's Web site) about which field to use in order to send a personalised message to the recipient.
    5. Enter the amount to be transferred (Same as the amount confirmed on the Quickremit website)
  4. Confirm the third party payment/ fund transfer, to complete the money transfer request. After completing the transfer request, you will get transaction reference number from your bank that need to be updated on Quickremit. You can use the Status Tracker facility (on Quickremit) anytime, to check the status of your transaction.

Once the clear funds are available to HDFC Bank corre spondent bank account for processing, on or before the validity date provided, with complete and correct details, HDFC Bank will convert the funds into INR at the exchange rate and disburse the specified rupee amount (as requested by you at transaction request initiation) to your beneficiary / receiver in India.  

IMPORTANT: Please note that only if the funds are received by us on Working Day 0, before the clearing cut-off time, these funds will then be typically available for processing on the next working day.