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Today's Exchange Rate

INR 54.98/AUD

Remittance Delivery Schedule
Country Funds Credited to HDFC Bank Nostro Account+ Credit to HDFC Bank Account Credit to Other Bank Accounts # *
Australia 1 working day from booking your remittance 1 Working Day 1 working day
Singapore 0 working day from the date of sending money using internet banking 1 Working Day 1 working day
Canada 4-5 working days from booking your remittance 1 Working Day 1 working day

+ The funds credit to nostro account is indicative and is subject to the remitting bank crediting the funds to HDFC Bank Nostro Account

# Remittance Delivery time given is over and above the time taken for processing and credit to HDFC Bank Account

* For credit of funds to accounts of other banks, HDFC Bank sends the funds to the other bank for crediting the beneficiary account as per the time lines mentioned above. The credit to the other bank account is subject to the other bank processing the transaction.

Remittance Delivery Schedule as mentioned above excludes holidays. Holidays include Saturdays, Sundays and any other bank holiday in either India / USA or remitting country.

Click here for list of Holidays.