Enjoy the freedom of remittance with QuickRemit

Today's Exchange Rate

INR 54.86/SGD

Online Transfer Process

Register your beneficiary on the Quickremit platform (if not already registered).

  • Add Beneficiary details like Name, Address, Beneficiary Bank Name and City
  • Enter the Beneficiary Account Number and Submit. The beneficiary will now be registered with Quickremit
  • Initiate a transaction (Send Money) to your selected Beneficiary with the amount you wish to transfer
  • Provide details of your own account from which the funds will be transferred
  • Click Remit Now
  • Note down the 10 digit Remittance Transaction Reference Number (RTRN) (visible on the Remittance Receipt)
  • Note down the HDFC Bank’s correspondent bank account details (visible on the Remittance Receipt)
  • Initiate transfer from your local bank account in Singapore to HDFC's correspondent bank account details as per below instruction:

Fund transfer to Correspondent Bank

  1. Login to the net banking of your local Singapore Bank
  2. Add our correspondent bank account details as beneficiary
  3. Transfer the exact amount as booked on Quickremit website and mention 10 digit RTRN number & Amount of transaction in the reference/message field.

Process mechanism:

The money is directly credited to your beneficiary's bank account in 1 business working days.

We would send you e-mail confirmation once the funds are dispatched to your recipient.

We are sure that you would be extremely pleased with our service as utmost care is being taken while transferring your money.